Low-level laser (or light) therapy, or LLLT, uses LED lights of specific wavelengths to reduce inflammation, promote healing, and restore natural function of the body’s tissues. LLLT in eyecare has been shown to be beneficial for meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), dry eye disease, hordeola and chalazia (styes), rosacea, and blepharitis.

During the LLLT procedure you will rest with your eyes closed and the Equinox mask with embedded medical-grade LEDs will administer the proper wavelength of light for your condition. The more common treatment using red and near-infrared light causes increased cellular activity and creates endogenous heat within the eyelid and meibomian glands of the eyelid.

The treatment takes 15 minutes. The Equinox instrument is FDA approved, safe for adults and children, and non-invasive. There is no pain, discomfort, or side effects. No recovery time is needed and you can resume all normal activities immediately.

Many people notice improvements in MGD, dry eyes, styes, and other conditions after one treatment, but generally 2-4 treatments are recommended over several weeks.

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