Our Team

Office Manager

Krystle Knepper started working at HVC 13 years ago and has shown such great leadership and organizational skills that she is now Office Manager.  To list all the things she does would take pages so let’s just say she keeps the ship on course.

Insurance and Accounting Specialists

Teri Morton has been our account and billing specialist for 15 years.  If it’s insurance and if there is a question, Teri knows the answer.    


Choosing the right lens and frame options for your best optical correction can be confusing and a bit overwhelming at times. Our team of opticians has over 30 years of combined experience in helping you select a frame and lens combination that fit your lifestyle and budget for occupational, recreational or everyday dress eyewear. Our optical carries over 1,200 frames and we have an in office finishing lab to help speed turn-around time and ensure the highest quality possible.

Amanda Erin - Optician


Amy Moran - Optician


Destiny Perez - Optician

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